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Are you disappointed with empty religion, legalistic churches and pastors telling you that you have to try harder to become a “good Christian,” whatever that means? Have you ever been told that you are rejected by God, that He is angry at you, or that He won’t accept you, forgive you and bless you, until you live a proper “Christian life?”—stop listening to the frustrating religious message of doom and gloom! The Gospel of Jesus is Good News, not discouraging judgement!

Jesus said to the religious leaders of his day: “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners” (Mark 2:17). The first true followers of Jesus were all kinds of spiritually broken, hurting people who were oppressed and despised by the religious elite of those days, who saw themselves as “righteous”. These broken followers were attracted to Jesus because of his irresistible grace, love, wisdom and compassion. He came to show that God is not angry at us spite of our sins or our inability to please Him and serve him.

Jesus came to tell us that we are beloved, forgiven and accepted by the Father, that our sins are forgiven and now we can enjoy with and in Him, the same relationship of love and communion that He and God the Father experience in the Holy Spirit (John 14:20).

At Grace Communion International, we understand that being a follower of Jesus Christ is not about being a follower of rules, regulations, dos and don’ts (we already went through that painful road and learned the hard way). Being a Christian is not about being perfect in our own strength in order to obtain God’s approval. Rather, we believe and trust in the passionate love of God the Father who gave his only begotten Son for us, even before we realized our brokenness and our need for reconciliation with God.

We also believe that today the living Christ is actively leading his people through the Holy Spirit, transforming their lives, enabling us to live victoriously as we reach out in love to the sick, the needy and, yes, to the religion despised sinner. Jesus is actively busy mending broken relationships and healing hurting souls, He is not into destroying sinners, He is The Saviour! And God does all this work of love through this imperfect yet passionate group of people that He calls his own children, his Church, the Body of Christ.

At Grace Communion International we also believe that, regardless of your past, there is a place for you in the Body of Christ and it well may be with us. We would be blessed to share our spiritual journey with you and I would be eager to hear your story. Please feel free to email me at: Text or call me at: 416-832-2683. Or if you have the time, come a visit us this Saturday at our worship services. (See our location and meeting time information).

Come, visit us!

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Alvaro Palacio – Pastor